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“The Great Gatspee”: A toilet seat with DiCaprio’s face on it. (via New York Observer)

“…I really honed in on the tremendous sadness of Gatsby…” Leonardo DiCaprio talks Gatsby (via USA Today)

Colbert: “When I read Gatsby, I thought Leo. Who’s idea was it to cast him?” Mulligan: “It was Leo’s.” (via Colbert Nation)

Will the real Great Gatsby please stand up? (via Smithsonian, h/t BookRiot)

The Great Gatsby at 345 words-per-minute (via RSVPMovies)

“I will be reading right up until my first book-club meeting Thursday, when I assume we will discuss how this opulent, consequence-free lifestyle reaches its inevitable happy ending.” Colbert wants you to read Gatsby (via EW)

“Robert Redford is responsible for this production in ways he will never know.” -Baz Luhrmann discusses Gatsby, Jay-Z and directing on @strombo (via George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, h/t @scottlucescu)

The cost of being Great Gatsby (via Nickolay Lamm, h/t Mashable)

“He’s an artist who likes a very large palette of sound. Baz Luhrmann and Gatsby’s Great Music Collection (via Variety)

How Saturday Evening Post helped Gatsby come to life (via SEP)

“Definitive recordings of the Fitzgerald canon in association with the Fitzgerald Estate” … Jake Gyllenhaal and the Gatsby audiobook (via HuffPost Books)

The Great Gatsby book review in 1925 by the Los Angeles Times (via Jacket Copy)

Collection of book reviews for The Great Gatsby back in 1925 (via

“These are all the very things China is facing today.” Reading Gatsby in Beijing (via The New Yorker)

“I would require a year to recover from symptoms of acute delusion as to what, where and why I am.” -Amitabh Bachchan: Iconic Indian actor on his Hollywood debut as Meyer Wolfsheim (via Deadline)

Fitzgerald’s handwritten manuscript of The Great Gatsby. (via Fuck Yeah, Manuscripts; h/t Flavorwire)

“What was really interesting about Brooks Brothers for me was that they were actually the purveyor of Fitzgerald’s clothes.” Costume designer Catherine Martin talks clothing the men in Gatsby (via MTV Style)

Comparing Gatsby 2013 with Gatsby 1974. (via Buzzfeed)

Exhibit of movie props and outfits at Culver City’s Century Guild Gallery (via Hollywood Reporter)

Costumes, music and the drinks: A few reasons to get excited about Gatsby (via People)

“I would do anything to make sure ‘Gatsby’ stayed alive.” -Baz Luhrmann (via Hollywood Reporter)

“I think we’ve all done our best to give all we can to this Gatsby in this moment in this time. And I hope someone comes along and makes another Gatsby.” -5 Minutes With Baz Luhrmann: Fitzgerald’s Granddaughter Applauds His Gatsby (via Gothamist)

What Baz Luhrmann asked me about The Great Gatsby. By James L. W. West III, general editor of the Cambridge Edition of the Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald (via HuffPost Books)

“You should feel it’s a room that Scott and Zelda could have stayed in but with the comforts of today.” The Plaza creates the Fitzgerald Suite. (via New York Times)

“And then I re-read it as an adult, and obviously now I see Gatsby as this flawed, obsessed, arrested development kind of guy who’s interested in the American dream.” -Isla Fisher. Stars remembering their first time reading The Great Gatsby (via MTV)

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s take on ‘Great Gatsby’ movie rights? $16,666 (via LA Times)

Gatsby/Arrested Development mashup (via Book Riot)

Fan designed covers (via Flavorwire)

Are you a fan of the movie tie-in book cover? (via The Week)

“It looked the book jacket for a book of bad science fiction.” -Hemingway commenting on the original Cugat cover.
Judging Gatsby by its Cover(s) (via NY Times)


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